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The Critics Are Raving .....

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" Director Rene Migliaccio and his cast imbue Saleem's compelling piece with heartfelt emotion ....Saleem shows great daring in his frank treatment of his subject...within the the contextof this somewhat radical departure , Saleem's words and performance remain in a carefully subdued dialectic, a respectful examination of both sides...and from an audaciously original perspective "

                                                           K. Foley

                            LOS ANGELES TIMES 


" Eloquent and intelligant writing ..... "

                                 Daryl Miller

                     LA WEEKLY


" Written and warmly  performed by Saleem , Salam Shalom pleads sympathetically for universal respect and understanding "

                                          A. Villa

                  The Guardian - San Francisco 


"A smart production that have attracted diverse audiences in Sydney - Australia"

                                    Leora Moldofsky

                        Australian Jewish News


" An important theater piece !! SALAM SHALOM brings out the anger, the mistrust, the real threat of each side sees as a clear and present danger "

                                                  Carol Davis

                                        San Diego Jewish News


" Saleem in SALAM SHALOM creates a relationship that defies all taboos"

                                      Sheldon Tietelbaum

                                              The Jerusalem Report 


" SALAM SHALOM succeeds in breaking barriers in it's own way "

                             Dan Pine

     The Jewish News Weekly Of San Francisco